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9th Festival of Sacred Music of Patmos

Excellence in music meets profound spirituality
Patmos Island, Greece, August 27th- September 4th 2009

Open air theatre next to the Holy apocalypse cave

An ideal way to combine vacations in a serene environment with cultural events of a high standard would be to visit Patmos island in Greece. In the island where the Apocalypse was written, the 9th Religious Music Festival of Patmos titled “The Divine Apocalypse of Music” is going to take place between Thursday, the 27th of August and Friday the 4th of September. The audience will have the unique experience of attending recitals by distinguished classical and byzantine music artists in a sacred and evocative environment. The program consists of works from the byzantine and greek folk music tradition as well as music from the Renaissance period to contemporary compositions. The festival artistic director is the Greek conductor and composer Alkis Baltas. All recitals start at 8.30p.m. and the entrance is free.

The Religious Music Festival of Patmos, which begun in 2001, is considered to be today one of the most important summer cultural events in Greece.  Every year the audience consists not only of inhabitants of the island but also of visitors that come from other parts of Greece and abroad to be part of this deeply spiritual experience.


For more information on how to get to Patmos island and where to stay you can contact the municipality of Patmos: tel +33 22473 60300 fax +33 2247031577


Program of Events

Artistic director: Alkis Baltas


Thursday, August 27th 2009


Concert by the group of Patmos Chanters( Cantor Iakovos Yiameos)

Chanter Vassilis Agrokostas (voice and Constantinopolitan lyre) and the string players of the Festival Orchestra

Program: Byzantine chants from the Patmos Chanters and  “Eisakouson mou” by Vassilis Agrokostas, work for a chanter, lyre and string orchestra

Conductor: Alkis Baltas


Friday, August 28th 2009


Kalymnos Island Municipal Choir and the Orchestra of Patmos Festival

Program: “Ode eis ton Osion Sava ton en Kalymno” by Georgios Hadjitheodorou

Conductor: Georgios Hadjitheodorou


Saturday, August 29th 2009


Concert by the Patmos Festival Orchestra

Soloists: Gina Poulou (soprano), Maria Katsoura (soprano), Evgenia Papadima (piano), Christina Pantelidou (oboe d’ amore)

Program: Concertos & cantata arias by J.S.Bach (κοντσέρτα και άριες από καντάτες), Songs and religious music performed in films

Conductor: Alkis Baltas

Sunday, August 30th 2009

Orchestra and mixed choir of the Larissa Municipal Conservatoire

Program: Religious songs for choir and the fairy tale “The Selfish Giant” by Oscar Wild set to music by Alkis Baltas (with slide projection). Narrator: Spiros Papadopoulos

Conductor: Dimitris Karvounis


Tuesday, September 1st 2009 Environment Day


Patmos Festival Orchestra, soloist Nikos Mandilas (violin)

Program: “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi

Conductor: Alkis Baltas


Wednesday, September 2nd 2009 - Environment Day


 “From Byzantium to the present” Dimitris Bassis (singer)

Program: Byzantine chants and greek songs about nature


  Friday, September 4th 2009


The Municipality of Athens Children’s Choir

Program: “Stabat Mater” by Pegolesi and religious songs by Greek and Foreign composers for Chidren’s Choir

Conductor: Rosy Mastrossava


Production manager: Alexandros Mouzas / ΑNAX-CULTURAL PROJECTS


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